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Orcas Island, Washington
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Vancouver Island Rabbit Breeders Association

What sort of rabbits do you raise?

I have had NZ, Chinchilla, Silver Fox, and Champagne. Currently we have mostly Champagne and a few NZ. Until this summer when RHDV2 came to Orcas Island where we live, we had built to 25 rabbits. When RHDV2 hit us we lost 14 mostly younger rabbits. We have a few non-breeders so that left us with 2 Champagne and 1 white NZ does, and 3 Champagne and 2 NZ bucks. Many are related so our breeding options are few. All 3 does were pregnant when RHDV2 hit. 1 Champagne lost her litter. RHDV2 damaged the NZ doe so that we had to retire her after she bravely raised the kits she was pregnant with when she got sick with RHDV2. The third doe, a Champagne had a great litter after being sick while pregnant. We rebred the doe that lost the litter and she raised a good bunch, but with very low milk production due to RHDV2 damage. Those kits are small but growing well now that they are on pellets. We feed pellets, Douglas Fir branches, some garden herbs such as Lemon Balm, etc.


The NZ doe produced 1 blue male, 1 black female, 1 broken white/blue all keepers at this point, plus a few meat rabbits. Our NZ bucks are both broken white/black.


We are currently hoping to find/buy at least 2 unrelated Champagnes, buck and doe. In addition we hope to find in order of preference, a blue doe Beveren or American or NZ, or possibly pairs of these. If no other options then we would need white or black. Our breeding plan does not include brown animals at this point.


We are hoping to find vaccinated individuals so that they are most easily brought into the US. I guess that the longer we wait, the less it matters whether they are vaccinated.